Public Education

This is a interesting video on public education by a Seth Godin interview.  I did not know some of the history on how public education was started.  I have come to believe that our kids need to be more creative and entrepreneurial to be successful today.  That the traditional public school & college teach our kids to look for jobs vs creating jobs/companies.  This is particularly difficult with kids on tribal reservations since distance & quality high speed internet access is a large factor in not being aware of their life possibilities.

– Dom

One thought on “Public Education

  1. hey dominic–melanie here or as you may remember me as sweets–derricks sister. I was on facebook and was searching for classmates of mine and thought hey I should look up dom and his family…so anyway…i checked out your blog–to tell you the truth, I don’t blog or never figured how too. ANYWAY my point here is I found your page to be really interesting with the idea of entrepreneurship. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I work for the New Mexico Small Business Development Center so I work with people every day helping or assisting them in their entrepreneurial ideas, goals and such.
    My passion is really in teaching native american history/studies someday and to work in the educational system as a Director of Programs or something like that, but I also came to be blessed by becoming a part of this small business group five years ago. When I saw your videos I was like this is awesome. You mentioned alittle about not knowing the origination of Public Education and its true purpose…well thats where I come in. This has been part of my studies along with current Public Education systems and where it is possibly going. I currently am on the Governance Council with a local Charter school and am in my masters program at UNM for American Indian Education. There is much to tell and speak of when it comes to Public Education, especially for our Native students. While I don’t dismiss ALL Public schools, a number of them fail to provide the true spirit of learning and acquiring of knowledge which sadly continues to lack any relevance to our traditions and culture including with other minority groups. I don’t want to get too much into this but I find it important to understand where we came from-=-our history==and where we are going==our future. Sustanability for our communities is key to our survival and right now as you mentioned in one of your comments that right now the vast expansion of technology draws our students to the realm of the techno world which can be good but also very detrimental to our cultural survival. Well I can share alot on that too but I suppose another time I can do that. well you take care and please tell your mom I said hello again. can you send me her number? I still would like to meet for dinner–would be great to see all of you again sometime. peace

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