Raspberry Pi – Rio Rancho Albuquerque New Mexico

I’ve been following the small computer called the Raspberry Pi ever since it first shipped in 2012.  In February 2016 the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B started shipping and once there was onboard Wifi and Bluetooth, this little computer became a so compelling I had to start spending more time learning all I can about it.  Because, I believe, this Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspberry Pi Zero will spark a new set of learners with the ability to tinker.  Most devices like phones, tablets, and game consoles are sealed closed compute environments that does not allow someone with the curiosity to take them apart to understand the inner workings.  Not only can we learn on a single Pi, there is the real possibility of clustering many Pi wirelessly to learn about distributed computing.  I plan to document some of the things I learn along the way on my website.  The links here are some of the posts I’ve written: