Whitfield Advantage Optima 3 Pellet Stove – Noisy/Rattling Blower

Ok, here’s a quick fix to a Whitfield Advantage Optima 3 noisy or rattling exhaust motor.

I found the rubber bushings that supported the full weight of the exhaust motor was not sufficient.  This resulted in vibration when the motor was running (it runs all the time since it’s a exhaust motor that vents combustion gases).

My In-Law’s Pellet Stove (I bought it for them):

All I did was brace the exhaust motor with some simple things you can find at a local hardware store.  The parts I used was a band clamp, galvanized strapping (used when building a house or patio), a metal screw, and a washer.  All the parts are metal since this motor gets quite hot.

Here are the pictures to show what I did (the exhaust motor is on the left side of the stove):

This is the exhaust motor with band clamp and galvanized support clamped on.


Just a close up to show some clearance between band clamp & motor wires, also see the motor support.


This photo shows how the galvanized strapping was bent to loop through the band clamp & create feet to screw to the bottom.


Sheet metal screw & washer to hold the base of the new motor support.


Hope this is useful to others.

– Dom