Laguna Pueblo Honors Night

Last night I attended the 15th Annual Honors Night at the Pueblo of Laguna Tribal Auditorium.  The event was put together by the Laguna Education Foundation and Partners For Success to recognize the efforts and achievements of the students from Laguna Pueblo.  I was able to see and meet many of the pueblo youth who have made the significant effort to complete their GED, Bachelor, and Masters degrees (over 20 of them).  It was also great to see the many Laguna High School students receive the LEF scholarships to allow them to attend a college of their choice.  I myself benefited from this same higher education program when I attended SMU.

I also had the honor of talking to the students, tribal council, and community members to share some of my thoughts on education today.  I wanted to share my perspective on the changes in learning due to high speed internet connectivity and personal learning styles, people now have more options to gain knowledge.  I personally use time-shifted education (web videos, web meetings, podcasts, & screencasts) to keep my skills up-to-date and maintain competitiveness.

We also enjoyed a wonderful red chile stew, turkey, & beef dinner from Grandma Joe’s Catering.  In particular, I loved the pumpkin pie.

Here is the presentation titled “Adaptive Learning”  that I’ve uploaded to slideshare.  I will add the audio when I get some time to process the recorded content from the evening.  Enjoy!

– Dom

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