Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

About a year ago, I came across the TED videos and I watch the ones that interest me personally.

This TEDx video in particular by Cameron Herold was very interesting to me since it involves kids, education, and entrepreneurship.

Here are some bullet points from the video that I wanted to remember and will try to apply as my kids grow up:

Entrepreneurial Traits to Nurture:

  • attainment
  • boot strapping
  • customer service
  • handling failure
  • introspection
  • leadership
  • networking
  • sales
  • tenacity

Entrepreneurial Skills to Teach:

  • how to sell
  • how to save money
  • problem solving
  • public speaking
  • to ask for help
  • to ask questions
  • to be creative
  • to lead others
  • to learn from mistakes
  • to never give up
  • to see solutions
  • to want to make money

Thanks Cameron for a great video.

Oh, by the way a TED event will be coming to Albuquerque, NM on September 18, 2010.  You can find out more here TEDxABQ, I’ll be there.

– Dom

Here is the video link for those who can’t see the embedded viewer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCar_sFfEf4

Public Education

This is a interesting video on public education by a Seth Godin interview.  I did not know some of the history on how public education was started.  I have come to believe that our kids need to be more creative and entrepreneurial to be successful today.  That the traditional public school & college teach our kids to look for jobs vs creating jobs/companies.  This is particularly difficult with kids on tribal reservations since distance & quality high speed internet access is a large factor in not being aware of their life possibilities.

– Dom

CVFNM Social Media Marketing

I attended this event tonight -> June 17: Social Media Marketing – A Web 2.0 Fairy Tale? held by the Coronado Ventures Forum at the Prarie Star resturant.

I primarily went to meet some new people since moving back home to the Albuquerque area in January this year.  A good friend of mine Will Reichard (met through twitter) was one of the panel speakers for the evening.  Another recent friend Mick Thompson was on the panel also.  I wanted to hear what they both had to say on the subject.  It was a real learning experience, for me, hearing what social media facts the NM investor community was interested in, and how they really support technology start ups.

Since I’m a real believer that people can learn anytime anywhere, I like to capture content whenever I can from whoever will let me.  So I offered to record the event for those who could not attend.


– Dom


Here is the MP3 audio from the video recording (54 minutes, 25MB, link also included below):


Here are the videos from the event (youtube has a 10 min video limit):

CVFNM 1 of 6

CVFNM 2 of 6

CVFNM 3 of 6

CVFNM 4 of 6

CVFNM 5 of 6

CVFNM 6 of 6