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CVFNM Social Media Marketing

I attended this event tonight -> June 17: Social Media Marketing – A Web 2.0 Fairy Tale? held by the Coronado Ventures Forum at the Prarie Star resturant.

I primarily went to meet some new people since moving back home to the Albuquerque area in January this year.  A good friend of mine Will Reichard (met through twitter) was one of the panel speakers for the evening.  Another recent friend Mick Thompson was on the panel also.  I wanted to hear what they both had to say on the subject.  It was a real learning experience, for me, hearing what social media facts the NM investor community was interested in, and how they really support technology start ups.

Since I’m a real believer that people can learn anytime anywhere, I like to capture content whenever I can from whoever will let me.  So I offered to record the event for those who could not attend.


– Dom


Here is the MP3 audio from the video recording (54 minutes, 25MB, link also included below):


Here are the videos from the event (youtube has a 10 min video limit):

CVFNM 1 of 6

CVFNM 2 of 6

CVFNM 3 of 6

CVFNM 4 of 6

CVFNM 5 of 6

CVFNM 6 of 6

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