Two Firefox browser additions you should have

I’ve been involved with personal computers for a long time, long enough to know a bit about browser security and good tools when I see them.

For one, I always think it’s better to use a 3rd party browser vs the native browser that comes with the operating system or computer.  I have been a big fan of the Firefox browser since it first came out, a separate application install meant security updates to the browser were not tied to the underlying operating system.  In addition, the open source nature, extensions, and plugin support meant there is a open framework for getting problems fixed quick and adding new features relatively simple.

There are two firefox browser additions I want to make people aware of, I use them to minimize the number of ads I see on most websites (sometimes ads lead to some unsafe sites) and the other forces a secure connection to most websites to help prevent network eavesdropping.

  • Ad Block Plus – this addition tells firefox not to load ads from common websites that serve advertisements, it reduces the content on the page.
  • HTTPS Everywhere – this addition from the Electronic Frontier Foundation tells firefox to use a secure connection when logging on to a website if it exists, it helps keep your id and password more secure.

I’m sure there are other security related additions, these are just two I found most useful.

Hope this helps keep your browsing safe!

– Dom