Honor Flight AZ to Washington DC

I traveled to Gaithersburg, MD on Southwest Airlines today for work this week and was pleasantly surprised to run into a great group of people on a special trip.

There were about 80 people in the group and almost all of them had served in World War II.  The organization called Honor Flight Northern Arizona & Honor Flight Network is a non-profit that have been taking WWII veterans to Washington DC to see their own memorials.  Southwest Airlines also supports this organization.

Here is a bit of video I shot on the plane showing the fun time they had in supporting those that help provide for our freedom.

Too bad my grandfather (who came back from what went on in Bataan) is not around to enjoy something like this.

Thank you veterans for all that you sacrificed for our freedom!

– Dom

Direct youtube link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcppV2aojFU

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