A Native Professional Story

In my life journey so far, I benefited from several native individuals who helped guide me at different points in my life.

These were in-person conversations where ideas were exchanged and advice was given on “what to watch out for” or “nuggets of knowledge” based on experience & wisdom from being there before.

With the power of the internet & time-shifted learning, we now have a opportunity to share our “native professional story” with many more native youth than talking to each individually.

Now that I’m back in Albuquerque, and among more native professionals, I’m going to interview and collect the success and failure stories of today’s native professionals, leaders, and business owners.  I strongly believe that the things we did wrong (failures) are just as important as the things we did right (success).

I’ve decided to create a new category on this Blog to highlight this effort, so now on the left side you will see “A Native Professional Story” link and be able to click it to see the latest interviews available.  As more individuals are interviewed a page will be created to house the list and their areas of knowledge and expertise.

First on the list is of Dr George Blue Spruce Jr, a person who dealt with adversity, attained success on many levels, and wrote a book.

I will also be doing a self interview soon, I just need to work out all the questions I want to ask myself and others in the future.

I’m also open to any question suggestions.

This should be a very interesting and fun project to document the stories so the native youth can learn from what the native professionals, leaders, & business owners have learned.

– Dom

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