Modified iSkin revo case for iPhone 4

Ok, I’m waiting for a email from on when their new iPhone 4 silicone cases will be available, no email yet, it’s been a week since adding my name, and 2 weeks since the phone has been out.  You can also see my iPhone 4 review here.

In the meantime, I took my iSkin revo case which I had for my original iPhone and modified it somewhat so I can use the 2 cameras on my new iPhone 4.  The older cases are still being sold on the iSkin website for $20.

Here is what the new modified case looks like, I removed material on the left side of the earpiece opening so the front camera is not covered & increased the camera hole size in the back to show the full lens and the led light.  The tools used, a paper hole puncher and small wire cutters.

These photos were taken using the iPhone 4 & uploaded to twitpic while waiting for a to-go order at the local Lotaburger (they have purple tables).

Additional photos below of the iPhone in the modified revo case below.

Now I can take pics and shoot video with the iPhone protected by a case.

– Dom

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