Thoughts on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter now for exactly a year yesterday and I want to write down some of the things I’ve learned up to now:

  1. Twitter allows people who are interested in what YOU have to say to simply follow you to keep current.
  2. Twitter search allows me to find people who are interested in the things that are important to ME.
  3. Twitter communication can be near real-time. You can carry a conversation with exchanges (tweets) in seconds or over a much longer time frame.
  4. Twitter, via the @ mentions, can allow anyone to communicate with anyone (although don’t expect a reply at times).
  5. Twitter can give you a near real-time pulse of what’s happening in the world (news) if you follow enough people.
  6. Twitter allows you to take in multiple interest feeds in one place, for me it’s fly fishing, native american issues, technology, storage, audio/video stuff, & what the Dominics of the world have to say.
  7. Twitter can lead to being more informed about your local community if you follow those local to you.
  8. Twitter can be very powerful when combined with a Blog.
  9. Twitter can bring new and insightful information to you that you normally would not have come across (again depending on who you follow & sifting for the nuggets).
  10. Twitter is only the base technology that enables information exploration with applications like TweetDeck.
  11. Twitter can be addicting, just keep in mind that it answers the question of what are people talking about NOW.
  12. Twitter can make the normally dull times interesting (allows communication vs listening to music on the bus).
  13. Twitter has people who truly want to help and those that want to sell you something.
  14. Twitter has software robots looking for keywords to send tweets to you (usually to sell you something).
  15. Twitter is a connection enabler.
  16. Each person has the potential to say something profound and enlighten me, twitter just let’s me tune into more people.

As I think of more or learn more from others, I’ll add to this list.

You can follow me on twitter, look for @dompruitt

– Dom

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