New Veggie Market in Bernalillo

Since we live in north Rio Rancho, anytime we go to Albuquerque we end up driving through Bernalillo on highway 550.

Half way between I-25 and the Rio Grande River there is a new vegetable market on the north side of the road.  Some local entrepreneur converted a old liquor store into a fresh veggie stand that caters to the local hispanic market.

One day, we decided to stop by and take a quick look at the new market.  I was surprised to find many fresh produce items, as well as, dried items that the local pueblo indians would find useful, like dried corn, corn husks, and melons.

Anyway, I’m glad to see things like this popping up locally.

– Dom

MDK Barber Shop – Rio Rancho, New Mexico

When I moved to the Albuquerque area, one of the things I was looking for was a barber shop for myself and my boys.  It took several barber shops and a while to find a place I liked.

I lived on the east side of Tucson for 10 years and was spoiled with the Two Sons Barber Shop.  This family business was awesome, they cut great hair and it was a place to catch up with what’s going on locally in Tucson, especially Wildcat Basketball.  It was also a place to meet people and connect with others who did business in the area.

My 2 boys and I have been going to MDK Barber Shop in Rio Rancho now for several months.  It’s much like the shop in Tucson, family owned, great hair cuts, and lively atmosphere.  I’m sure over time I’ll see much of the same as I did in Tucson.

– Dom

*UPDATE* Since I wrote this post, MDK barbershop has created a website …